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Boost user engagement towards your businesses by adopting robust front-end development web and app solutions from us. We are your reliable front-end development service providers.

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We Do High End, User-Oriented Front end Development For Businesses.

At Leap of Faith Technologies, we have a team of dedicated front-end developers who are never behind in offering top-notch front-end development services keeping the businesses in mind. The digital era and companies are turning online by mobile and websites. Such mediums help them to attract a potential audience and make profits. The front end should be adequate to make the platforms run smoothly and swiftly. Here is where we come for the best help.

We are amongst the leading front-end development services providers helping businesses reach their goals. Our developers utilize the best tools and technologies to provide you with an outstanding finished solution. Our team of dedicated developers leaves no stone unturned in solving the business needs with the frontend development. Our front-end development keeps the business, user, market and competition needs in mind.

What Do We Offer Within Our Front End Development?

Leap of Faith Technologies is leading at its best to offer the best frontend development services. We use the recent technology stacks, languages, codings, frameworks to set up the best front end for your websites and apps. Our team uses the power of skills, knowledge and hard work to showcase your brand in the best possible way.

We tackle all the challenges with technical experience in development to ensure that your application runs smoothly and consistently everywhere. We use emerging technologies to build dynamic, responsive and custom frontend solutions that challenge the competitive market and help you stand amongst the competitors.

Full Stack Custom Development

We provide the full-fledged development where right from managing the front end, we also make sure it is well fit with the backend. In this, we take care of web structure, frontend and UI-UX designing within the market and curate it interactive for result-driven outcomes.

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To make a website and app fully functional, we adopt easy PSD to HTML design to code process. All the photoshop documents we prepared are converted to HTML files to create coding and start easy development. This is an essential aspect of a good-looking platform.

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Custom HTML5/CSS3 Development

We unleash the power of interactive elements within our solutions to make them more robust than before. Within this, we ensure that our HTML5 & CSS3 development is W3C validated and offer cross-browser compatibility standards to meet your desired business needs.

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Single Page Website

If you are out to create modern, responsive single-page websites and apps, we will help you. Our single-page frontend development is done with the same dedication and covers everything needed for a page to develop in the best possible way.

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Funnel Development

The funnel page plays a vital role in bringing profits for businesses. We ensure that it is user-friendly, creative, interactive and engaging enough to turn your visitors into customers. We use interactive development elements together to bring innovative results.

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Landing Pages

Our front-end developers let you know the trending themes, designs and type of CMS to make the website's landing pages more attractive than before. We leave no aspect behind to offer a seamless user experience. All landing pages are designed keeping the frontend development in mind.

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Frontend Optimization

We work closely with your existing websites and optimize them in the best way. Our team maximizes everything right from content, themes, coding, frameworks to increase the usability and functionality of the website. We aim to boost user engagement and revenue to the website.

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Mobile-First Approach

When starting with frontend development, our team makes sure it is mobile-friendly. We took up a mobile approach and created websites and apps that are easy to run over mobile phones and do not take time to load. Everything is fast and bug-free.

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Cross-Browser Development

We do not want your platform to stay limited to devices. Therefore, when we do frontend development, we ensure it is cross-platform. Our websites and apps developed are easy to use and run on multiple devices offering seamless user experiences to clients.

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Building Business is our passion

Informational Website
Club Soda

Our recent client, Club Soda, owns an informational website that urgently needs frontend development. We went through the website, checked the loopholes, provided mockups and offered frontend development and optimization. We offer complete full-fledged services and a robust front-end development at the end.

Spray Shop

The business was online and was ahead to set up its presence online. They needed an eCommerce store to sell their products to the customers. We provided them with a Shopify development and built a store that Shopify can easily customize. We did it delicately and offered a complete store setup with the help of our Shopify developers.

Wordpress Website

Woola is amongst our best clients for which we did the WordPress development. We prepared a complete WordPress solution, optimized the content and provided the necessary developments needed. We stayed in touch with them for constant support and provided a bug-free solution to them at the end as per their business needs.


Why Choose Our Front End Developers For Best Services?

Leap of Faith Technologies is your one-stop destination to hire frontend developers at the best pricing. With flexible engagement models and budget-friendly pricing, we know to make the services best fit for all businesses. We comprise a large pool of developers who work on every learning phase to offer desired platforms.

Our experiences, learnings, skills and knowledge are focused on adding value to your business and making it better than before. We have good experience and are looking forward to gathering more experience in expanding our domain to total-spectrum service providers. Every day we try our best to come up with more knowledge and newest technology to grow with our clients. We ensure to use the best technology, tools, languages and frameworks to offer user-friendly frontend solutions.

Full-Spectrum Services

Result-Oriented Approach

Scalability & Productivity

Latest Technologies

Our professionals always think of growth when providing the best services to our clients. We are trying our best to come at the top thus, offer transparent services to our clients. All our resources are proficient in frontend frameworks like HTML, CSS, Javascript to provide robust platforms. Right from design, implementation and optimization, we do everything when we offer frontend development.

Hire Our Frontend Developer at Affordable Price

At Leap of Faith Technologies, we take pride in rendering result-oriented development solutions to our businesses. We work on every aspect and keep learning in mind to provide the best results to our clients. Please discuss your requirements with us, Hire Front end developers from us and get things started to turn your dreams into reality.

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