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We help businesses of all sizes to make their website run faster than before with our WordPress speed optimization services. Hire our professionals to boost the performance of websites.

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We Engage Users By Improving Performance Of WordPress Sites

Leap of Faith Technologies takes pride in helping businesses of every segment, be it edtech government tech. eCommerce, healthcare, and so on in enhancing their site performances. Our dedicated team of WordPress professionals is well versed with everything needed to optimize the website to the next level. We ensure that the website runs at maximum speed with no hassle, from managing your site's speed, security and technical issues.

By optimizing the website, we aim to increase the search engine rankings, boost performance and bring your services and products to the limelight. We have gained a brief knowledge and expanded our base to offer the best possible solutions. We know beating the competitive world is quite challenging. Therefore, this is why we are here to help practically by trying our best. By this, we want to enhance your digital presence over the search engines.

What Speed Optimization Has to Offer For Businesses?

WordPress is one of the well-known, accessible and open-source Content Management systems businesses use to manage their website content and empower them on the web. Be it WordPress contains blogs, product information, applications, everything and this is possible just because WordPress comes with a variety of plugins to enhance its functionality. But there are times the things are stuck and loading of the website become slow. Here is where we come as your savior.

By offering WordPress optimization services, we let businesses use every functionality of WordPress and provide the best user experience at the same time. We optimize the WordPress sites improve plugin functionality making the website more engaging than before. Doing this will keep your customer enticed towards your businesses and help them enjoy a seamless experience. Having a faster website saves your money time, improves website ranking, lowers hosting costs and maximizes sales for your businesses.

Website Caching Setup

Our experts simplify the installation and configuration process by setting up the browser caching to the website. With this, we ensure the quick loading of the website on user browsers and improve the user experience at the end.

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Setting Content Delivery Network

Website will lot of media work best for the users. And for the same, our experts offer a highly creative look to the website by setting up a content delivery network. The network keeps users engaged on different browsers and devices.

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Database Optimization

Our professional makes sure all the site data is optimized to peak to make it perform well. We switch the website to a new host and ensure no information is lost during the entire process.

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Reduction of JavaScript and CSS Files

We go through all the JavaScript and CSS files related to the websites, look for the ones not needed, and reduce them to minimal, aiding in the website's proper functioning. All things are done while the website is functional.

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Optimizing Images

Media play an important role in creating the first impression of websites. This is why we develop an advanced mechanism to optimize the images and make sure the resolution and size are the best fit as per your business website.

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Reduction of Plugins

To enhance the functionality of the WordPress website, we go through all the plugins associated with it. Our experts check all plugins and eliminate all the unused plugins that create issues and enhance the site's speed.

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Prefetching Techniques

Boost performance execution of your site by prefetching techniques. Our team opts for prefetching, where the data and information from slower memory are shifted to a faster memory; with this, the storage increases, and the site's speed increases.

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Reduce the Number of Redirects

Redirecting issues caused by bad plugins, broken links, etc., can make the site run slower. But not anymore. We are here to fix all the errors in broken links. We go through every plugin and database to eliminate all the redirect issues on site.

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Choose the Right Hosting

We also assist businesses with hosting migrations, upgrading servers, and settings the right host. If your hosting provider is not balancing the server response time, we shift the website to a fully managed WordPress hosting environment.

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Helping Businesses To Gain a Competitive Edge is We Aim For

E Commerce Website

Woola is one of our clients with whom we worked for eCommerce development solutions. We analyze the business deeply, provide the necessary solutions, and develop a strategy that aids in the company's growth. With our WordPress optimization services, we focus on improving the site performance and increasing ranking on the search engines. Our client was quite happy with the results.


Why Makes Us Best As WordPress Speed Optimization Service Providers?

At Loft, we understand the importance of having fast-running websites that do not stick anywhere. Therefore, we work for the same and provide the next-gen services to help out. Our dedicated professionals work round the clock to help the customers without delay. We know what our clients look for, thus analyzing their needs and offering them scalable solutions to work out. With constant hard work, using the agile approach, we tackle your website speed and bring it on the best score.

We analyze the website in an hour and leave no loophole behind in offering the best experience to our customers. No matter the size of your business or how complex the website is, our staff handles it smoothly and provides the exact solutions. Not only are we limited to just showing the service, but we are in connection further helping clients combat all the issues in the future.

Experienced Team

Swift Communication

Agile Solutions

Comprehensive Results

We are out to gain more experience every time we work with our clients. Our team is ready to cope with the challenges of innovative ideas for businesses to grow. Our cutting-edge technology and tools usage make our solutions more scalable and effective.

We believe in growing with the client's growth and building long-term relationships. This is why we always come ahead to satisfy them at any cost. Moreover, our budget-friendly packages and pricing are enough to keep our clients enticed with our services. We adhere to offering 100% customizable solutions so that our clients want to make changes to their websites in the future. Our team, with round-the-clock support, helps our clients solve their queries without much fuss. We try every possible effort to keep our clients happy through our varied services.

Hire Best Speed Optimization Developer From Us

Now, if you are known for our services and planning to get most of your websites, don't wait! Hire our speed optimization developer to fetch the best services. Our never-ending learning and dedication will surely help your business rock the competitive edge. Believe us; we are your trusted partners.

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