Terms and Conditions

Legal Terms Between You And Leap Of Faith Pvt. Ltd.

The legal terms between you and Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. is clearly defined here. Here in terms and conditions, we have clearly defined our business relationship with you. It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide content (text and multimedia) to us prior to commencing the work. The client is responsible for taking backup of the website and all content before handing over the project to us. Leap of Faith shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of data under any circumstance. The approval for the work can be done via an e-mail or signed document. The advance payment shall be taken as an acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. Contract Details

The contract between you and Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. does not hold it responsible for any data entry, web hosting, or custom artwork/graphics-related work/tasks. We are only responsible for providing the above services to the client unless these are mentioned in the contract with the client. Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. can render sister companies and its strategic partners for additional services as per client requirements. We will do our best to provide you with top-notch services and complete all the tasks within the agreed time frame.

Conditions for use of services

Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. agrees to offer its client all its product/services as mentioned in the contract or agreed between both the entities. However, it is the client's responsibility not to use our services for any illegal or prohibited activities as per the Indian penal code and foreign legal bodies. All the intended promotions, ads, published written content (blogs, articles, pdf, ppt, etc) and video content on the client’s website, our own website or any third party website the client is responsible for all. All necessary precautionary and security measures shall be taken and executed by the client to restrict any illegitimate use of the services/solutions.

Payment Conditions For Product & Services

If a client decides to purchase a product from Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd., then he/she agrees to the payment terms set by the company or contract. The client agrees to pay full money for the product in advance or otherwise mentioned in the contract. For the commencement of the payment Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. can request payment documents if applicable. Under the payment conditions, the client agrees to submit a payment document with us if requested to submit by the company. All of the following payment conditions are done in accordance with the company’s security compliance.

If a client decides to take services from Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. Then, he/she agrees to abide by the terms set by the company or as defined in the contract. All the payment terms are defined in the contract and are the same as discussed with the sales agent. Supporting payment documents may be expected from the company to ensure safeguard from any fraud for both parties. Clients can even ask for a refund (within seven days) in case they are not satisfied with our services. However, the client needs to provide the reason for the refund. Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. will charge for any work done during that period of time.

Termination of services

Leap of Faith may terminate or suspend the services in case you breach the terms of the agreement. Termination of services can be done without any reason, prior notice or liability if the terms of services are not satisfied by the client. However, the terms of services that survive the termination are hereby written. These are ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.

Permissions and Rights

If a client chooses to take our services and agrees with our terms and conditions. Then, he/she grants us permission to retain the data, files, graphic logos and rights to the content published or shared on the third party website. Upon agreeing with the terms the client grand the right to us to use their name, logo, and promote their services on other sister or third party websites. Any harm to the client or our own reputation due to the client’s negligence or due to copyright permission shall be the sole responsibility of the client. And is the responsibility of the client to obtain permission from the authorities and proper copyright. Leap of Faith may ask for evidence related to permissions and rights from the client at any point in time.

Leap of Faith is not responsible for any changes to the content that occurs on the client and the third party posted content. The changes discussed above may include addition, modification or deletions of content that directly or indirectly harm the client's reputation. In case such an issue arises and the client request any additional services for the resolution of such issue. Then before resolving we are obligated to charge the client extra payment for the services.

Project Approvals and Delivery

As Leap of Faith Pvt. Ltd. internal work flow and enhancing client satisfaction, we take active client feedback and approvals. Details of the project development at different stages will be shared with the client and after completion of every milestone set in the contract, the relevant payments will be charged before moving further. All the relevant information such as code and content will be shared with the client after the final payment of the project. We shall notify the client of the payment in advance and failure to make the payment might result in termination or hold of the project.

Modification of Terms of agreements

Leap of Faith might or reserve the right to alter/change the above written terms and conditions from time to time. These changes can be seen as periodic revisions to improve our services and service our clients better. These changes can be done without any prior notice so it's the client’s responsibility to keep them updated about the changes in terms and conditions. When a client agrees to the above terms and conditions they are agreeing to the revisions or updates as well.

If a client agrees to the above mentioned terms and conditions, their statutory rights are not affected. For more clarification or any information about our terms and conditions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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