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How Important is Responsive Web Design?

Posted on February 8, 2022 by leapoffaithtech

Responsive web design has become essential for many websites for the past few years. It has transformed how all companies tried to build their online presence. A website with a responsive design can be used or surfed easily on any device, irrespective of the screen size.

The site instantly rearranges itself to give the customer a better user experience, which is well-matched to their device. According to the records, responsive web design was launched in 2010, and then Google recommended using it in 2015. Since then, there have been lots of improvements and updates being made, which are of great significance for online businesses.

Why Need a Responsive Web Design?

In recent years, the use of mobile phones has grown at a considerable pace. In 2014, around 20 percent of people switched to their phones to access the Internet. More than two-thirds of the population had mobile phones. Ever since the roll-out of 4G broadband and other developments, they have influenced how users began using mobile phones. You will be amazed that 4G subscribers grew from 2.7 million to 23.6 million in 2014.

Then, moving on to the end of 2016, mobile usage increased massively, and almost every other individual started browsing the web through their tablets and phones. This illustrated a drastic change in practice, and hence, it became imperative for the websites to have a responsive and mobile-compatible web design. It has been estimated that most people in 10 were using a smartphone in those times.

Due to this critical factor alone, engaging in responsive web design has become hugely important. Your company wants a site that fits well enough on your mobile or other palm-sized screens because of the vast number of users who will access your website via these handheld devices.

Importance And Perks of Responsive Web Design

With the help of a responsive website design, you will see that all the content, images, videos, and GIFs on your site get transformed according to the screen size on which the site has been browsed. Be it on your laptop, mobile, or tablet, it will be streamlined and easy to navigate the website, regardless of the screen size.

Creating an excellent user interface and a responsive web design ensures that your traffic can read and browse the platform with limited scrolling and zooming in and out to resize the content.

Having an excellent and convenient interface will enhance the user experience. It implies that the next time the users need similar services, they will consider coming back to you. Not only this, but you will also be able to create your own brand identity, which will be at your fingertips.

They suggest using you to their people, and this will increase your brand recognition. All this is because the users can navigate your website on all the platforms. Also, constant visits to your website increase its conversion rate.

By using a web developer’s help for responsive web design, you can also benefit from SEO and need less maintenance for your website. Having this type of web design means that you only have one site to look after; it’s also more accessible and more affordable than having a stand-alone smartphone app in addition to a desktop website.

As stated earlier, responsive design and mobile indexing are essential for your website to rank higher on Google. The receptive sites can load quicker, which helps enhance your rating and lower your bounce rate. These will also simplify social networking, helping you expand the brand demographic.

Now that most of us know the importance of responsive web design, we hope you understand your next step if you run an online website. LOFT is here with the best team to guide and assist you in developing a responsive web design. Hire a web designer from us, and we promise that the expert shall solve all your problems quickly and get you back on track!

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