How to optimize the website speed- Best practices to know

How To Optimize The Website Speed – Best Practices To Know

Posted on March 19, 2024 by leapoffaithtech

A slow website is one of the most frustrating things that forces visitors to leave the site. Slow website speed can damage your business reputation and money investment. By minimizing the page loading time businesses can positively impact sales and marketing. Organizations can get more traffic and improve their sales process, attracting qualified leads by optimizing the website speed. In the following blog, we will share some of the best ideas about how to foster website speed optimization.

What Affects Your Website Speed, And Why is Page Speed Necessary?

There are significant reasons why your website takes more time to load, and some common problems are poor server, large size of image, heavy CSS, multiple plugins and widgets addition, high traffic, slow network, etc. To get rid of these issues, a business can take significant steps to foster page speed. Before you troubleshoot to enhance the website performance, you must test the page loading time. Research shows that the amount of time a user will wait is up to 3 seconds. If your website takes more than this to load, then the user closes the window or jumps to any other site. It lowers your business impression rate.

The websites that load at high speed earn better conversion rates, better ranking and impactful user experience. So, all we can say is designing a slow website from website development services can waste your money, and impact negatively your brand. However, having a faster-loading website positively impacts your web traffic and drives user retention. 

Best Practices For Optimizing our Website

Explore The Best Practices To Optimize Your Website

We have already mentioned lots of factors that influence the website loading time. There are many more ways you can choose to improve the performance of your website. Here are some ways-

. Minimize The Number of HTTP Requests

The HTTP requests are utilized by the web browser to fetch various parts of web pages, such as stylesheets, images & scripts from the web server. Some requests have some overhead for establishing the connection between the remote web server and the web browser. In addition, the browsers have a limit on the number of parallel network requests. If the requests are higher in volume, some of them will be blocked. To improve the website speed, businesses should remove unnecessary images and delete the javascript files, stylesheets, font, etc. If your business is utilizing a CMS like WordPress, you should also remove the unnecessary plugins. Apart from these, trim the elements, compress the CSS & javascript files, etc. 

. Switch To The HTTP/2

HTTP is the protocol that is used by the browsers to communicate with the remote web servers. The browser uses HTML for the website, along with other resources like stylesheets, JavaScript, and images. The ideal way to solve this issue is to reduce the number of requests. Few resources are required to render the website, which leads to faster page loading. You could also switch the website to HTTP/2. HTTP/2 has many benefits over HTTP/1.1. It has the potential to send multiple files at the same time over the same connection. This is how it prevents the overhead of multiple requests.

. Optimizing The Size of The Image

A lot of websites make extensive use of visuals. The speed of your website is going to slow down if the pictures are not compressed or if you apply an excessively high resolution. For instance, to ensure optimal display on displays with a high density, like retina screens, websites occasionally employ graphics with 2x or even 3x resolution. However, in this case, you are only wasting bandwidth and making people wait longer to load, specifically if they are using poor mobile data connections. It’s time to minimize the image size to speed up the website loading. Additionally, be sure to utilize the appropriate file type. For photographs or other images with a lot of color, use JPEG; & for basic graphics, use PNG files.

. Minimize The WordPress Plugin

Do you know more plugins can automatically make your site slower? Well, it all depends on how well the plugin is coded. Integrating more plugins that are active on the front end of the site can hurt the site page loading time. Keep your site more streamlined by integrating ideal plugins.

Businesses can use a learning management system to optimize website speed. The LMS is a software application plugin for the WordPress site utilized to develop, administer, deliver, and measure the training. The LMS plugins are mostly used by bespoke universities, renowned educational platforms, administering classes, large companies, etc. This is the most popular Plugin of WordPress, which is constantly evolving with the learn dash expert because of its advanced features. 

. Consider a CDN

If you want to receive visitors from worldwide, CDN is the ideal option to speed up the page loading time. Cloudflare is the best CDN option from which you can start easily. The allocation of static assets to your visitors, like CSS, pictures, fonts, and JavaScript, will be optimized via CDNs. They are typically quite easy to set up.

. 404 Errors Tracking

When people try to navigate to a page you’ve moved or removed, they may receive 404 errors, often known as “page not found” problems. Once they see these errors, it’s doubtful they will try to access your site a second time, which may lose you a possible customer. To fix 404 problems, use free third-party tools to find the source of the error and eliminate broken links.


For both SEO success and customer satisfaction, you must optimize the load speed of your website. Page speed is one of the main factors that determine the success of your website since major search engines like Bing & Google give it top priority. If you also want to optimize your website speed then hire an IT expert.

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