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Why Responsive Design is Important and Google Approved?

Posted on October 14, 2021 by leapoffaithtech

There is constant development of technology, which in turn has resulted in the popularity of smartphones. Many companies these days worldwide are investing in the manufacturing of mobile phones due to their increasing demands. All of this has made it important for businesses to invest some capital to fund web development and designing. However, this is not the end, as you must create a responsive website design for your online venture else, it will be of no use to you.

For all those who do not know, responsive web design is the one that can adjust the whole web interface to fit into a cell phone frame, regardless of the platform from which the site is viewed. Previously, the sites were designed to cater only to the personal computer/laptop models. Those navigating it from their smartphones found the interface sloppy, with some parts needing to be zoom right in to fill in the information or just press the button. Therefore, keeping these concerns in mind, let us today explain why you need to invest in the website designing services.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Did you people know that more than half of online users use different devices when browsing for a product? Just imagine what if, in such cases, your website starts hanging and the users are forced to leave your site? This will be a huge downside for your online business and can worsen if your website does not operate on a mobile phone. Hence, having a nice and responsive website design will help you fetch a lot of traffic online. These days, people usually prefer swiping on online websites and don’t want to spend much time on a website. A well-designed and user-friendly website design mean that there will be a smooth interface when shifting between devices.

Google Recommends It

Whenever you talk about online search, we all know that Google has outperformed every other search platform. Hence, if Google says that responsive web design is important, then it is. Also, this is enough for us to believe that we need to work on it with the help of web development services. At present, Google reports that even more than half of all searches and browsing is done on smartphones. To verify this for yourself, just analyze the traffic going to your site using the analytics, and you will find a substantial rise in traffic from mobile than from your laptop.


Another benefit of creating a responsive site interface is that it will render a better search engine ranking. Google takes into account the accessibility of your website as one of the determinants of your rank in the search engine rankings. It implies that if in case, the website isn’t responsive, the rankings of the search engine will immediately be reduced.

Makes You Ready for Future

Right now, there has been a keen observation of a fusion between devices and user experience. As technology continues to evolve, users will begin to demand a seamless web interface. Mobile pages will become outdated and responsive interfaces will continue to change with every upgrade.

Faster Site Loading Time

As per the estimates, individuals prefer to leave sites that require longer than 3 seconds to finish the loading content. Fortunately, web pages with a responsive architecture seem to load even quicker, irrespective of the device used to access them. As the experts design these websites with nice images and flexible grids, it enables quicker loading of websites, which, in return, has a significant positive impact on the duration of your online searches.

The bottom line is that currently, mobile phones have been a mode of access to a lot of people in comparison with laptops and desktops. Hence, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your website design looks great and understandable. If your business website has not been designed properly, you need to contact the experts at LOFT for a proficient web design service. We are always here to guide you in the best way ever and can certainly help you get these services at a very affordable rate. Hurry up and join us for more such esteemed services to rank your website higher!

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