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How To Achieve Responsive Web Design?

Posted on March 10, 2022 by leapoffaithtech

A lot of you must have heard commercials where the sellers say that their products are responsive. It is so because their products work as per our needs and requirements. Also, we prefer spending money or time on products that suit our preferences. The same applies to your website. Why would anyone spend time on your website if it is not working according to the user’s need? Therefore, we can say that in this ever-evolving landscape of technology and handheld devices, every online business must have a responsive web design. It is only then; traffic would come to you and prefer staying there for a while searching for their products or services. This article will cover up a few topics that will help you achieve a nice and user-friendly responsive website design.

The majority of us know what responsive website design is and why it is important for website owners to focus on having it. So, now let us begin with some tips that can help you achieve the same!

Compatible with Touch Screen Devices

You will see that nowadays even laptops are equipped with touch screens. Hence, this makes it important for the website owners to make their site responsive, keeping both touch screen and mouse users in mind. For example, if you have a drop-down option on your laptop, then better style it in some other way. Only then, these options will become large enough for the mobile users to press on and use.

Use the Fluid Grid

A few years ago, many websites were laid off the internet due to their pixels; now, web designers have shifted to a fluid grid. The grid scales the components of your website evenly, instead of just making everything of one dimension. This makes it easier to size it with various screens. These components adapt to the screen size (i.e., the grid), and it’s not the size in pixels. Only a web developer can help you obtain this using the fluid grid. This grid type is divided into rows and columns. The width & height are adjusted as per the screen size, which is an advantageous aspect of responsive web design.

Image Sizing is a Must

The size of images has to be even, or else the user will have to keep zooming in-out for seeing them. You’ll need to build guidelines in your CSS that specify how photographs are viewed on different screens, whether they will be extended to the full-width, omitted, or presented in a different way.

Think Upon the Elements to Add on Small Screen

When making your site responsive, you cannot at any cost replicate the same things from one device to another. Since your aim is the best user experience, you will have to omit ample elements. The menu bar becomes very small in a responsive website, and there will not be any need to scroll to reach it. Similarly, a lot of changes are made to achieve a responsive web design.

Outsource the Project

Well, if you have never used WordPress or any other e-commerce website, then you might find it difficult to find a pre-designed theme. At times, you might only want a template that is ideally tailored to your needs or business branding. You can always hire a web designer who has experience in creating a responsive web design in such situations. Getting your project completed by a professional who knows it all is always a great idea.

By making a responsive website, you will not have to worry about the latest technology. With it, no matter what is the new thing in the market, you will always be prepped up for it. It will keep you at peace and help you get the best out of the money you have invested. Till now, we have hopefully given you a lot of tips for how you can achieve a responsive web design however, we know that some of them will be too hard for you to understand. Hence, in such cases, you can always hire professional website developers from LOFT for assistance. Hurry up, as we are waiting to hear from you and then help accomplish your requirements!

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