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Why Responsive Web Design Matters More Than Ever?

Posted on January 14, 2022 by leapoffaithtech

How often have you logged off a website on your smartphone due to its inability to adjust according to the phone screen? It must have been a lot of times. However, today, this has become a story of old times. Since 2015, Google has been focusing on the importance of a responsive web design. The usage of handheld devices, such as phones and tablets, has grown exponentially. It has surpassed the desktop as the primary means for browsing on the internet. With people connecting to the internet from smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers, the goal of providing a responsive mobile website to them is necessary.

This article addresses why we need to hire professionals to help make your website responsive and how it can help your online business or any other service. Let us begin now!

Better And Efficient UX

Well, experts have always believed that a responsive website renders happiness to the users. Also, the click-through rate of your site can now be increased by you to 21-24 percent with the help of a mobile-compatible web design. It is much more than the websites which need to be more responsive.

Ever-Increasing Smartphone Usage

As discussed before, many current surveys have concluded that the introduction and usage of gadgets and appliances, such as mobiles, tablets, etc., have overtaken personal computers when it comes to internet browsing. On the other hand, its responsive nature enables the website to be viewed on all devices.

Preferred For The SEO

Most search engines, be it Google, Yahoo, or any other, prefer to work on mobiles; hence, having a responsive website is very important. Google recommends that every website have a responsive website. Research has indicated that mobile-friendly websites work much better and can be loaded within a second or even less. This makes it much easier for internet users to access, connect, and share content using a single URL. It demonstrates why SEO people use a mobile website: the pages have a single URL/HTML, making it much faster and more effective for crawling and indexing on Google.

Minimum Maintenance

Earlier, we have only some options, such as:

  1. Develop a desktop platform that looks very small and inconvenient on smartphones.
  2. Build a special mobile site that runs on the browser of a handheld device.

These two mentioned solutions boost the experience and time involved in the website’s upkeep. Also, you will need to upgrade the entire webpage regularly. If you restrict yourself to desktop websites, you will be at risk of missing out on future opportunities for your online business.

It also means you only need to update the website once and uninstall all site variants.

Lowers Bounce Rate

To your amazement, let us tell you that a web developer who designs a responsive website always ensures lower bounce rates than the usual websites. These responsive websites promise to deliver content to online visitors in a bundle tailored to make it easier to access and handle. It also helps keep the users on the site and has a lower bounce rate.

Reduce Page Load Speed

The loading time of a web page is undoubtedly one of the most significant considerations when it comes to search engine rankings. It’s worth remembering that Google only ranks higher on fast-loading websites or pages loaded within a second or less. A responsive mobile site design provides quick loading. Through it, Google can quickly discover content and search for it effectively.

Hence, we can now say that responsive website design isn’t just a design-related trend. Instead, it’s a matter for company owners, administrators, and executives who want to maximize their expenditures. Come and hire a web designer from LOFT today when planning to create a responsive website for your company!

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